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Member: Brooke Hudspeth, Pharm.D., CDCES

Member: Brooke Hudspeth, Pharm.D., CDCES

Associate Dean, Chief Practice Officer, University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy

Member: Sathya Krishnasamy, M.D.

Member: Sathya Krishnasamy, M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, University of Louisville Staff Endrocrinologist, Robley Rex VA Medical Center, University of Louisville

The 2023 Executive Director

Terry Gehrke, Executive Director

The 2023 Leadership Team

  • Shana Nicholson, President
  • Whitney Allen, Past-President
  • Lisa Smith, Treasurer
  • Andrea Doughty, DPP/Prevention co-chair
  • Bonnie Hughes, DSME Education co-chair
  • Debbie Bell, DSMES Co-Chair
  • Pat Ryan, Community Outreach co-chair
  • Merritt Bates-Thomas, Board Liaison
  • Whitney Allen, Partnership and Networking co-chair
  • Julie Steber, KDPCP Liaison
  • Tina Claypool, Member at Large


Type 2 diabetes affects millions of individuals and their families, workplaces, and the U.S. health care system.


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