Type 2 diabetes affects millions of individuals and their families, workplaces, and the U.S. health care system. In 2017, the total cost of care for people with diagnosed diabetes was $327 billion, up 33% over a 5-year period. About 1 in 4 health care dollars is spent on people with diagnosed diabetes. The majority of expenses are related to hospitalizations and medications used to treat complications of diabetes.

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How KDN helps: Kentucky Diabetes Network takes a lead role in responsible diabetes care for Kentuckians through prevention, identification, management and education. It is our goal to make Kentucky the best state to live in for those at risk for diabetes, living with diabetes, or affected by diabetes. (Click here to learn more about our core values.) Some of the primary services available through KDN are:

  • Link employers and individuals to providers and resources for those impacted by diabetes pre-diabetes.
  • Support and educate providers with evidence based tools.
  • Host of Diabetes Day at the Capitol.

How YOU can help: There are so many ways individuals and corporations can help in our effort. Some are:

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