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kNOw More in ’24 Campaign!


KDN has championed health for Kentuckians at risk for and living with diabetes. Building on the success of our Prevent T2 in ’22 Campaign, we’re introducing our latest initiative, “kNOw More in ’24.”

Join us in increasing awareness and utilization of diabetes prevention programs, targeting young adults, teenagers, and children for a healthier future.

Monthly Spotlight

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June Spotlight – Longest Day of Play


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Ways to Get Involved

  1. Partner Connection: We’re reaching out to organizations across the state to learn about their efforts in preventing diabetes. Your insights will shape our website content and guide future outreach events.
  1. Help Shape Our Message: Help create youth and family-friendly messages. Utilize social media to direct them to our landing page for prevention programs.
  1. T-Shirt Promotion: Join us in distributing kNOw More in ’24 logo t-shirts to promote the campaign and healthy habits.  Click HERE to view campaign donation page.  
  1. Campaign Hub: Share our Community Spotlight Page.  We will host all materials, including monthly wellness spotlights.

Partner Tool Kit

Click the links for three items available to you to invite others to join the movement.

PartnerEmail.  Personalize this email to send to prospective partners to help get the message ‘kNOw More in ’24’ out!  Please cc KentuckyDiabetes@gmail for outcome tracking purposes.

English kNOw More in ’24.  We have provided a flyer to promote healthy behaviors to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.  Please feel free to use the flyer, but we ask you do not edit any of the content.  Spanish kNOw More in ’24

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Upcoming Outreach Events

Diabetes Day at the Capitol

was a wonderful day!

Thank you to our participants and legislators.


Type 2 diabetes affects millions of individuals and their families, workplaces, and the U.S. health care system.


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