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In the Winter of 2018, a task force of 14 organizations began meeting to strategize how to engage the faith community to get the message out about the Diabetes Epidemic and its impact on Kentucky citizens. Faith Leaders hold an important position of trust with their members and know how to reach out and inspire their members. They may be able to motivate members to take important steps in making behavior changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

It was agreed that faith leaders and congregations can help inform members about the risks of diabetes and help members realize the importance of screening, preventions, control and treatment. As a result, a tool kit was developed which includes spiritual and faith-based resources, educational resources, event tools and Kentucky diabetes contacts and connections.

There is no charge to participate in this program. Materials are available on this website and a hard copy toolkit is provided for each congregation. Healthy Congregations, Healthy Communities is not associated with a specific church or denomination and is not a state or federal government program.

For more information on how to get started within your congregation, contact KCC Coordinator, Cindy Weinmann at [email protected] or call 502-271-0607 OR contact KDN at [email protected].

Additional Resources

In addition to the Healthy Congregations, Healthy Communities Toolkit,
KDN has assembled the following informative documents and helpful links.

Documents and Brochures Available for Use

2019 Diabetes Fact Sheet

Diabetes is a public health epidemic in Kentucky. Use this brochure from Kentucky Public Health to show the statistics on the affect of diabetes on our state.

CDC Prediabetes Screening Risk Test

Do you or someone you know have prediabetes? Use this prediabetes screening test to assess risk.

CDC Prediabetes – Could It Be You?

Could it be you? Use this brochure to know the facts about prediabetes.

CDC Healthy Strong America

Physical activity builds a healthy and strong America. This brochure discusses the benefits of physical fitness to individuals and communities.

CDC Diabetes and Women

This CDC brochure discusses facts related to women and diabetes.

CDC Diabetes Food Plate

What’s on your food plate? This brochure shows how to make healthy food choices by presenting the best plate to serve.

NDEP 4 Steps To Manage Your Diabetes For Life

This booklet lists four key steps in managing diabetes in order to live a long and active life.

NDEP Choose More Than 50 Ways To Prevent Type II Diabetes

Learn how to prevent or delay Type II diabetes by losing a small amount of weight. This brochure contains more than 50 ways to help you move more, make healthy food choices and track your progress.

NDEP Control The ABCs Of Diabetes

Three key steps can help manage diabetes and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. This brochure lists the ABCs of managing diabetes and provides tools for tracking progress.

NDEP Help A Loved One Cope

When people have the support of family and friends, they are able to better manage diabetes. This brochure contains tips and resources for showing support to those with diabetes.

NDEP Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers

Do you know your blood sugar numbers? This brochure discusses the importance of keeping blood sugar numbers in a target range to help feel good today and stay healthy in the future.

NDEP Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

This brochure discusses four steps to manage diabetes and live a long and active life.

KDPCP Program Brochure

What is the Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program? This brochure discusses the mission of this group and its resources.

KDPCP Diabetes Prevention Program Listing

This map lists the CDC-recognized National Diabetes Prevention Programs in the state of Kentucky.

Faithful Families Trained Agents Listing

This listing contains the names, county and e-mail address for all Faithful Family trained agents in Kentucky.

KDN Eye Brochure

This brochure provides information on diabetes-related eye disease and includes a form that can be completed by the eye care doctor and returned to the primary care medical provider.

KDN My Diabetes Care Card

This card can be used to teach patients about the A1C test, their values and setting goals for their Diabetes ABCs – A1C, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Stop Smoking and Self-management Education. It can also be used to encourage other important recommended tests and exams. This card folds up to wallet size.

KDN Infographic – Have Diabetes

Tired of out of control blood sugar? This informational pamphlet discusses the importance of diabetes education.

Other Helpful Links

CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program

Learn more about diabetes and prediabetes through the CDC-recognized lifestyle change program, hear from participants in the program and find a class location near you.


Type 2 diabetes affects millions of individuals and their families, workplaces, and the U.S. health care system.


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