Kentucky Diabetes Network

The Go-to Hub for Diabetes Information

People with Diabetes

Live Better Now!

Understanding and managing your diabetes.

Understanding and managing your diabetes takes effort, support, and know-how. Diabetes is a chronic condition, meaning it does not go away. Learning how to manage your diabetes is chronic also. KDN is here to help with educational materials and a network of experienced people who care.

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Make a Difference!

Improving outcomes in clinical settings, worksites and schools.

Have you ever wanted to have a team of advisors to bounce things off of, an extensive library of best practice resources, or wanted to be part of a network of people with an interest and passion for diabetes care, awareness, and prevention? The Kentucky Diabetes Network is that place!

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Spread the Word!

Helping educate and empower.

Diabetes prevention is the first step in decreasing diabetes: diagnosing diabetes in people who don’t know they have the disease, and management of diabetes in those who do. All of these messages need to be taken to the community, and the community given the tools to help spread the word.

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Promoting Health and Wellness!

Increasing Work Productivity and Effectiveness.

Employers develop wellness programs often to address some of the biggest risk factors for diabetes, such as obesity and lack of exercise. In many cases, these programs save money.”

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