KDN Workgroups

KDN has four active workgroups that develop strategic priorities
to improve diabetes outcomes across Kentucky.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Support Workgroup


Kim DeCoste




The Diabetes Self Management Education Support Workgroup focus is communicating across the state the value of self-management education, delaying and preventing complications, and linking people with diabetes to existing educational programs


Increase, Promote, and Facilitate:

  • Communicate the value of DSMES to providers by developing and distributing an infographic throughout the state to medical providers. 
  • Communicate the value of DSMES to consumers by using a designated infographic throughout the state. 


Diabetes Self-Management Education Support Workgroup Objectives:

                 Communication is critical to help improve quality of life for a person with diabetes and lessen the financial burden of daily diabetes care costs.  This workgroup focus includes linking people impacted by diabetes to educational program and diabetes resources which can help delay and preventing complications,  Daily management of diabetes with healthy lifestyle changes is key to help someone improve general well being and personal  life satisfaction.  




DSME Mapping:


Kentucky DSMES Organization List by County 

Diabetes Self-Management Education Support Workgroup

Tools and Resources

Diabetes Self Management/Support workgroup has developed tools to promote classes. Feel free to use this as a marketing tool.   The documents have been designed to be individualized for your own specific location,

Consumer Infographic

Provider Infographic